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• 12/25/2016

Highway 35 World Race - Ep. 4: Cold Steel

Merry Christmas, everyone! Using out of character brackets ((like this)) tell everyone the best thing you got today!

“Nobody’s following, good.” said Adam “Accel” Carter to himself, as he drove away from Tezla’s cube. “ I don’t want to partake in this race anymore.”
Shortly after Adam spoke those words, a helicopter flew in behind Accel, with a magnet dangling from it. The helicopter positioned itself over Slingshot and attached it’s magnet to Slingshot, lifting the car off the ground.
“What is happening?” said Accel, and on his onboard computer, Gelorum’s face appeared. “Where are you going, Zed-36?” she asked. “It’s a little late for code names, I’m through working for you.” replied Adam. “I decide when you are through, it is time to plan your next move, Zed-36.”
The helicopter then took a sharp left, and headed for an unknown location.

Aaxelae and Vating, you are free to use Ballislife and Noble's characters, along with Vin's. They have not been online for periods of months at a time, and Noble quit the RP in general.
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• 7/4/2016

Highway 35 World Race - Ep. 3: Desert Heat

((Happy 4th of July! Consider this a 4th of July present.))

Zed-36 drove up to Gelorum's helicopter. Zed-36 got out of his car. Gelorum got out of her helicopter. The two walked up to each other.
"You shouldn't have come here in person." said Zed-36. "It's dangerous."
"For you, perhaps." replied Gelorum.
"Why did you want to see me?" asked Zed-36.
"What went wrong today?" Gelorum asked.
"It's.... not working for me." admitted Zed-36. "Sabotaging other drivers."
"CLYP went through a great deal of trouble to get you this car; This disguise." stated Gelorum.
"I'm a good driver; The best! I don't have to cheat to win this race." Zed-36 shot back.
"Keeping the Wheel of Power from Tezla is to important to leave to chance." Gelorum said. "You will win the race, even if you have to eliminate the other drivers."
"Eliminate?!" yelled Zed-36. "You mean--"
"You know what I mean." interrupted Gelorum. She got back in her helicopter and flew off.
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• 3/8/2016

Highway 35 World Race - Ep. 2: The Greatest Challenge

Hey all you other guys! I hope you're tired of waiting, because this is your chance! You can come in after we establish this announcement!
Tezla's Cube, Floor 1
Tezla had gathered every driver in order to make an announcement.
"From now on, you will race as teams."
"The drivers who positioned first will be recruited naturally. However, there are some exceptions."
"The announcement of team leaders will begin now."
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• 8/15/2015

Highway 35 World Race - Ep. 1: Ring of Fire

Highway 35, the beginning of it all. The thread has now begun. Be sure to start off with a prologue for your character.

Tezla's Cube, Floor 2
Dr. Peter Tezla stared at a screen showing the first person view of a car. The car began taking a loop, then fell off of the loop and crashed to the ground. Tezla smashed his fist on the desk as the camera went static.
"Prototype H-24 gone... I don't know why we keep failing! I built a new kind of car, the fastest in the world.."
Tezla's robotic compainion, Gig, hovered over to him.
"Maybe you should build a new kind of driver." suggested Gig.
Tezla pondered the thought. "A new kind of driver..." He whispered.
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