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• 10/7/2017

New discord server!

This is going to be a hotspot for chat about the RP because we need to plan it out somehow.
Server link:
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• 6/30/2016

Accel On Vacation

Accel is going on Vacation and he might not be able to get online for the next few days
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• 3/5/2016

Realm winner votes.

The title is self-explanatory. Here we vote which member of a team wins realms.
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• 3/5/2016

Important RP mechanics.

Here, I list very important mechanics for the RP.
1. Victory in realms
Unless there is a scripted event, realm victors are always randomized by team. there is then a vote of which member of the team winning the realm.
2. Losing a car
This only takes place in Acceleracers & Post-acceleracers. If you are a Teku or Metal Maniac and your car crashes, you must skip the next realm to rebuild your car. After the Storm Realm, if you want to bring in a truck or something similar, you can bring three cars including your own.
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• 1/24/2016

Computer issues.

Today my computer's plug stopped working. I now have to write this on my parents' computer, and can't contact anyone through Steam. This could last anywhere from 2 days to a month. I'll try to post when I can, but I'll undoubtebly be less active.
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• 12/21/2015

HW35 - Which characters will be recruited first?

If you watched the movies, we all know that there were both the leaders and 1 extra team member in the first leg. But, in the RP, which will be the extra drivers? Should we go by movie-accuracy, or choose? Vote here.
Movie-accuracy - 1
Choose - 3
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• 12/14/2015


This Just In: I ATE A TACO!!
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