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• 2/4/2017

The Ninja Realms RP

Introducing the stupidest Acceleracers-related RP in the history of man!
Back when George Washington was still alive, he created the Ninja Realms. Realms based off of the Acceleron’s Racing Realms, they were forgotten after they were declared too difficult. Most of the Ninja Realms are new realms, but some of them are Racing Realms made harder, having all the card game hazards. To enter these realms you will be teleporrted to another dimension with a single straight track. There will be a portal at the end of the track that you must drive through. The new Ninja Realms are the Jungle Realm, Fire Realm, Black Hole Realm, Sand Realm,  Tornado Realm,  Sonic Realm, Rock Realm, Prairie Realm, Metal Realm, Space Realm, and Danger Realm. George Washington made the Danger Realm the day before he died. Some returning realms are the Storm Realm, Swamp Realm, Lava Realm, Water Realm, Ice Realm, Cosmic Realm, Forest Realm, Solar Realm, and Blizzard Realm. Instead of winning accelechargers you get Power Rings. After you beat all 20 Ninja Realms you go through into a Realm War, which is all the realms combined.   You have to fight other drivers in a deathmatch and collect all the rings. After that, you have to race against George Washington’s ghost in the end of the Realm War. If you win, you can create another Ninja Realm or go back to your old dimension.

Here's your character template.
Racing Team (First three will be accepted):
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• 6/24/2016

AcceleRacers: Shifting Gears RP

Dr. Tezla began driving up the ramp to Hot Wheels City.
"I need more speed. I'm using the Nitrox 3." He stated, and accelerated to 500 MPH.
He was so close. The wheel was literally in front of him. Then, a green ball of energy blasted Nitrium. Its door got blown off, and Tezla swerved to avoid impact. He reached for the Wheel of Power, but could not reach its grasp. The same helicopter used a magnet to carry the Wheel of Power.
"Goodbye, Tezla!" called the driver, Spectre.
Tezla fell to the ground and the front of Nitrium smashed in. His onboard camera changed to static.

The Acceledrome Crew looked on in horror. Tezla's onboard camera had just turned off. What would become of him now? Tezla had failed. The Wheel of Power was now in the grasp of the Racing Drones.
"He failed." muttered Kobe Amaali. "No.... We failed."

Reno, NV
The Teku and Metal Maniacs were preparing for an amazing race. It would go on from The city of Reno all the way to one of the Californian deserts. This would be the end-all be-all race to determine which team was better. The two rival teams had wondered that question for so long. This would settle the dispute, once and for all.
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• 6/19/2016

AcceleRacers: Shifting Gears RP [SIGN UPS]

Are you really bored while waiting for the Main RP to progress? Well, this is the RP for you. It's standalone from the Main RP, and any other things in the Acceleracers franchise. It's an OFFICIAL Side-RP! This means characters get their own pages. Now, there will be a few rules for the Character Verification.
1. No characters from the HW35/AcceleRacers/Genesis/Whatever RP. This is standalone from them.
2. Surprise! There will be no AcceleRacers cars in this other tha Racing Drones and Nitrium. Each Teku/MM driver starts with a real car. After the first realm, they modify their cars to Hot Wheels models.
3. You get 2 Characters for each team-- Including Racing Drones. Only exception is you get one AcceleDrome crew member. The drones will have code names and there are essentially an infinite amout of models for cars-- other than RD-09. Drone names will be based on their car. RD-01, 02, 06, and 10: S1-(3 digit mix of letters and numbers). RD-03, 04, 05, and 08: L1-(3 digit mix of letters and numbers). Silencerz are (two letters)-(four numbers)
With that out of the way let's.... Give more info on how the RP will play out!
1. Realms will have randomized order. So, nobody will know which realm you get until it is generated.
2. The entire RP will be in one thread.
3. The Teku Racers and Metal Maniacs are the teams at the Acceledrome still.
4. Tezla is still a character.
5. Gig and Lani are pretty much FFA (free for all) characters.
WIth that I think that's everything. Now, um. Let's have the template.
Real Car:
Hot Wheels Model Car:
Age(Does not matter for Drones):
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• 3/12/2016

Pokemon RP - SIgnups

Not to be confused with POKEMANS, this is an actual roleplay. In which we will battle every day, to claim our rightful places (lol references). We will be given Pokemon eggs by the professor of whichever region we start in, which will hatch into a random Pokemon. battles will take place on Pokemon Showdown, then "translated" into a roleplay format. Once a region is completed, it will have a new storyline if replayed. Oh, and here; have a region poll.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Which region is first?  Kanto 3 Johto 0 Hoenn 0 Sinnoh 0 Unova 0 Kalos 0 The poll was created at 22:40 on March 12, 2016, and so far 3 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
Now for what we were ALL waiting for; how to actually sign up, and in other words-- your Trainer Card!
Hometown: (Leave this blank until we decide on region)
Age: (10 to 19, you are likely to become a trainer before 20)
Favorite type:
Battle theme: (Must be from Pokemon or similar to Pokemon)
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• 3/6/2016

POKEMANZ - An Interactive Adventure RP

Taking place roughly during Genesis, A few of our world race characters have been transported into a strange dimension, where they must play Pokemon to escape. But-- here's the twist. They all have gotten a strange form of Nuzlocke that does not cause death when a Pokemon faints, but only allows the first catch in an area.

Red is Tri.
Blue is Accel.
Yellow is Noble.
Can their RP characters make it through this perilous journey? YOU DECIDE!
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