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• 3/8/2016

Highway 35 World Race - Ep. 2: The Greatest Challenge

Hey all you other guys! I hope you're tired of waiting, because this is your chance! You can come in after we establish this announcement!


Tezla's Cube, Floor 1

Tezla had gathered every driver in order to make an announcement.

"From now on, you will race as teams."

"The drivers who positioned first will be recruited naturally. However, there are some exceptions."

"The announcement of team leaders will begin now."

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• 6/28/2016

Carl finishes right behind Sai, with Cadence following close behind.

• 6/28/2016

George was about to finish ahead of Flavius and Hephaetus and teased

"Hehe you Scorchers just got cooked by the Dune Ratz WELL DONE"

Flavius and Hephaetus insulted pulled out their rams and flipped him like a cheap burger.

"George you just got cooked extra crispy"

Flavius edged out Hephaetus on the portal ahead.

"Drats!! I just got SCORCHEd by them"

He regretted saying anythinf and crossed the portal

• 6/29/2016

Sam and Grim Met up with Jake nearby the forsaken mud pit and saw Crowley towing Vin

"Hey Sam, how was the shortcut?"

"Not a good idea, their was a fallen bridge a mysterious black car that looks like Adam's car and a steel fan that Tom blew up...."

Now you see the consequences of that blasted shortcut!!!"

Grim ignored the friends bickering and hit the Nitrox to beat Sam.

Jake finished behind Sam and Grim

• 6/29/2016

Brian and Ylva approached the portal. Brian tried to ram her but Ylva hit the nitrox before so, ultimately placing before Brian.

• 6/29/2016

Lin Long and Mur were neck-and-neck. However, Mur had an advantage. He deployed his Eye in the Sky and covered Lin's windshield. Lin spins out and Mur heads through the portal.

"I'll get you next time!" yells Lin in Chinese. He follows Mur through the portal.

• 6/29/2016
After having to turn around off the shortcut and halfway through the main track and having to wait for the wreck to clear up Toby finally came through the portal and after seeing he was proboably in last he looked FURIOUS
• 6/29/2016

Crowley finally got Vin back on track, and then went and exited the track right after Toby.

• 6/29/2016

"Hey Adam whats up with that black car that looks EXACTLY Like your car and almost killing me and Tom??"

"Whats Your secret?  just spit it out!" Kusuma asked

• 7/2/2016

Later That Night........

Toby was outside of the cube sitting on Silver Bullet's hood smoking a cigar 

It made Toby remember the incident that made him a wanted man..

Out of the back of his eye he saw Adam drive away in Slingshot to go somewhere..

He turned on Silver Bullet's Eye In The Sky to try and follow him but it ran out of energy right when Adam stopped and it dropped on to Slingshot

• 7/2/2016


Adam stared at Kusuma. He stared at him.

"I saw that car at the cliffside too. I couldn't stop in time to get a better look. I think that somebody is trying to frame me...." he stated.


Adam got out of his car and stared at the Eye in the Sky. He knew it was transmitting visual contact. He smashed the camera on it.

"Let's see where this leads." Adam said. He placed a transmitter near-invisible to the human eye on the Eye in the Sky as it flew back to its original location. Then he continued driving onwards, looking back to see if any other drivers were following him or watching him. He made a sharp right turn in order to ensure nobody would follow him. Then his car disappeared into the shadows.