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• 9/19/2016

Catch 'em All - Kanto

This was gonna be a comic, but eh........... Who cares?

So let's do some things and the prologue will be up soon.

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• 9/19/2016

Adam and Thomas were playing on their new Pokemon Fire Red cartridge.The year was 2004, and it was just an intermission between the World Race and what would come next with Tezla.

"Oh, hey. A tutorial. This is new." stated Adam.

"Blah blah, embark, new journeys, interactio--- WHAT IS THAT?!"

"Through your adventure, we hope that you will interact with all sorts of people and achieve personal growth,"

"I don't see any--" Adam kept reading and saw a jumbled mess.

"Baka, I am Durle-Big Yogurt objectiokemonress th adventure begin!" it appeared to read.


What even....

Upon the press of the A button,  static shock was released from the GBA. Afterwards, Adam and Tom were out cold.

A grassy plain. Two houses and a larger building. Surrounded by trees and the ocean.

A man with spiked, dirty blonde hair caught the two lying on the ground.

"Well geez. Welcome to Pallet Town. Shades of your journey await."

• 9/19/2016
post reviews you skrubby donuts
• 9/20/2016

Pretty good so far, I enjoi it

Remember POKEMANZ? I don't Either!

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