Merry Christmas, everyone! Using out of character brackets ((like this)) tell everyone the best thing you got today!

“Nobody’s following, good.” said Adam “Accel” Carter to himself, as he drove away from Tezla’s cube. “ I don’t want to partake in this race anymore.”

Shortly after Adam spoke those words, a helicopter flew in behind Accel, with a magnet dangling from it. The helicopter positioned itself over Slingshot and attached it’s magnet to Slingshot, lifting the car off the ground.

“What is happening?” said Accel, and on his onboard computer, Gelorum’s face appeared. “Where are you going, Zed-36?” she asked. “It’s a little late for code names, I’m through working for you.” replied Adam. “I decide when you are through, it is time to plan your next move, Zed-36.”

The helicopter then took a sharp left, and headed for an unknown location.

Aaxelae and Vating, you are free to use Ballislife and Noble's characters, along with Vin's. They have not been online for periods of months at a time, and Noble quit the RP in general.