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Welcome to the Acceleracers/HW35 RP WikiaEdit

This wikia was created on August 14, 2015. It is a recreation of the Hot Wheels Highway 35 and Acceleracers movie series. Our RPs take place entirely in the forums, while the pages detail topics, locations, objects and characters from the roleplay.

The Story Thus FarEdit

Dr. Peter Tezla has recruited drivers internationally through a World Race. He has modified cars and given them the ability to reach 300 MPH with the use of a fuel known as "Nitrox 2". The drivers race through interdimensional tracks, and the winner will earn a prize-- the Wheel of Power, an ancient artifact from the creators of the track, an alien species known as the Accelerons, and five million dollars for each member of their team. The drivers are divided into five teams, the Wave Rippers, Street Breed, Road Beasts, Dune Ratz, and Scorchers. Only one driver will win the Wheel of Power. However, a mysterious sixth team has been driving under the radar and sabotaging other drivers.... they are called CLYP, and their intentions are unknown- except to prevent Tezla from getting the Wheel of Power? Who will win? What is CLYP up to? What secrets do the Wheel of Power-- and Tezla --have? All will be revealed throughout this RP.

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