Mega duty

Mega-Duty, Crowley's truck

Crowley as a Dune Rat
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Mega-Duty
Age 31
Status Dune Ratz
Physical attributes
Height 6' 4"
Weight 214 lb

An ex-military corporal from Kearney, Nebraska; Crowley has the mentality of "Leave no man behind." No matter who it is. Even if it is Cadence...

Crowley was in the military ever since he was eighteen. Until five years ago, when he finished his enlistment contract and got honorably discharged. Using his military training Crowley has been doing extreme feats. Such as traversing most of the world's mountain ranges on just an ATV. Because of these feats, Crowley has become famous.

But not everything was all roses for Crowley. Crowley had been buried in an avalanche when he was trying to cross the Rocky Mountains. Luckily for him the rescue team was not far away after the avalanche was reported and Crowley was saved. After the incident in the Rockies, Crowley never touched an ATV or any type of motor vehicle for a while. But the allure of driving eventually came back to him when he was offered a chance to race in Highway 35.


  • During Desert Heat, Crowley confessed his greatest fear was being stuck in the middle of a minefield. Apparently, this has happened to him twice.
  • Crowley placed 33rd in the Jungle Leg, and placed 33rd again in the Desert Leg.
  • Crowley doesn't actually wear the team uniform that Tezla provided him with, instead he just sewed the number and Dune Ratz logo to an old sweater.