"Light's out, Schmitt!"

-Toby "Quiet Lee" Boyle,"Desert Heat"


The Desert Leg is the third leg of the World Race. The winner of this leg is Helen Tremblay.


Agata and Alex Hysannes were the first two the desert leg, and were immediately stopped by sand. The Dune Ratz were finally able to put their spiked tires to good use and get ahead of the rest of the drivers. The Wave Rippers used their jump jets to float over the sand and onto smooth track.

Bandicam 2016-08-20 14-24-04-885

Some vehicles stuck in the sand at the beginning of the track.

Thomas figured out that if the Scorchers used their plows they can clear a path in the sand. Adam found a way to use the nitrox boost to get out of the sand and onto the track that the Scorchers cleared for everyone else.

Meanwhile, on the smooth track Akio takes a drift too hard and knocks a pile of sand collapses on him and Muscle Tone. Meanwhile up the track, the drivers discover a statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex statue, meanwhile, Carl Dane and Cadence are battling each other and they forget to use their Nitrox 2 and both miss the jump.

Bandicam 2016-08-21 16-08-33-227

The T-Rex statue.

A little further back, Toby pulls up next to Thomas, and shots him in the arm with a sawn-off shot gun. The mysterious driver chases Toby and shoots him with an energy ball as Toby exits the T-Rex. The mysterious driver heads back to Thomas, who is unconscious, and puts Thomas in his car, then drives away with Thomas in his passenger seat, leaving the '70 Roadrunner behind. Toby got ready to shoot Crowley which he hit the door and a headlight. Crowley, come out of Mega Duty preparing to fight.

Grim Axehandle drove by at a fast speed distracting Crowley giving Toby the chance to attack. Toby grabbed Crowley's dog tags similar to what Cadence did in Tezla's Cube. Carl saves Crowley by hitting Toby and knocking him out. Crowley ties up Toby and puts him in the rear seats of Mega-Duty.

Up ahead, Alex Hysannes and the mysterious driver chase after what they think is the Wheel Of Power, no one follows them as Flavius points out that it isn't the wheel. The rest of the drivers head towards the end of the track, and in the first three places, Helen Tremblay, George Hayden, and CJ Lloyd battle for first. Helen uses a sonic blast to send George and CJ off the track and take first place.

Back with Alex Hysannes and the mysterious driver, the fake wheel of power stops rolling, and the two fight. The mystery driver's helmet gets knocked off and and it was revealed that it was Adam Carter. After the brawl between Alex and Adam. Thomas was being escorted out of the track and wakes up while Adam is driving. Thomas freaks out over why and what happened while he was in a state of shock. Hephaestus soon speeds up and loses Tri's car which he was transporting. Carson, Greg and Noah enter the gravity loops behind Alex.

Carl Dane and Sebastian Noire exit the track behind them. Crowley was the second to last one to exit with Toby Boyle being tied up in the back of Mega-Duty.


  1. Helen Tremblay
  2. George Hayden
  3. CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd
  4. Adam "Accel" Carter/Thomas "Tri" Schmitt
  5. Agata Adrijan
  6. Flavius Callaway
  7. Grim Axehandle
  8. Kusuma Adrijan
  9. Zack "Shift" Winston
  10. Jake Richards
  11. Jason Walker
  12. Jared Crane
  13. Samuel "Sam" Peronski
  14. Akio Averill
  15. Ylva Tavast
  16. Brian "Bomber" Hall
  17. Daniel Gallo
  18. Murchadh "Mur" Dokke
  19. Alex "Vin" Lar
  20. Sai Yukimura
  21. Seth Bellinger
  22. Cadence
  23. Gaige Avant
  24. Alexander "Alex'" Hysannes
  25. Lin Long
  26. Carson Ameswill
  27. Greg Takanoya
  28. Noah "Ark" Peterson
  29. Carl "The Victim" Dane
  30. Sebastien Noire
  31. Tom Ayton
  32. Hephaestus
  33. Crowley
  34. Toby "Quiet Lee" Boyle