24-seven car

24/Seven, Mur's car

Murchadh "Mur" Dokke
Street Breed Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of 24/Seven
Age 21
Status Street Breed
Physical attributes
Height 5' 2"
Weight 230 lb

A talented and important member of the Street Breed, Murchadh “Mur” Dokke is a key asset in helping the Street Breed win the World Race.

Mur currently lives in Detroit and is his own boss in the Nascar Whelen Modified series. He has already won 3 championships, beating Buck Bagwell and other veteran drivers of the series with ease.

Despite all of his success, Mur is not quite happy. He would have had 4 championships, had it not been for Carl “The Victim” Dane. In the final race of the season, Mur was heading for his 4th championship, when The Victim wrecked on the final turn. He took out half of the other drivers, Mur included. With his stock car totaled, Mur was eliminated from the standings and sent home.

However, when Mur got home with his totaled car, he found 24/Seven waiting in his driveway and a new challenge waiting, Mur set out to be one of the best drivers there was. Lo and behold, The Victim was there also. Now with a renewed sense of purpose and an opportunity to get back at Carl Dane for costing him his championship, Mur is ready to face the challenges that await him in the World Race.