Toby "Quiet Lee" Boyle
Street Breed Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Former World Race Driver
Age 27
Status Taken
Physical attributes
Height 5'12"
Weight 203 lb

Silver Bullet, Toby's Car

Hailing from the down south In New Orleans , USA. Toby is Silent. Just Plain Silent, Doesn't say a word and just responds with the usually grunt or groan. This occurs because of the "incident" that makes him wanted by the police and F.B.I for what he did in that alley... His first experience with driving was when he stole a cop car and eventually stole a Chevrolet Camaro from a dealership and drove it around New Orleans flawlessly evading cops and arrived on the Drag Racing Scene to become champion. He Is a very smart and intelligent driver who knows a lot about his car.

Toby is usually in a bad mood when he comes in near last and likes to harass others. Toby Got The Nickname "Quiet Lee" from Gaige when he noticed that he didn't speak. Toby enjoys it so he can have a cover name in case someone was to find him out. He was recruited for The World Race due to his unique skill and really came so he would be able to hide from the police and F.B.I. He drives Silver Bullet as a part of the Street Breed.

During the Desert Leg, Toby shot Thomas with a shotgun seriously injuring him. The mysterious Zed 36 acted as an Avenger destroying Silver Bullet. When a fight breaks out between him and Crowley he looses horribly and gets tied up in the back of Mega Duty. When he arrives back at the cube Thomas's Father's squadron arrests him and is hauled away to ADX Florence.


  • Yet being nicknamed "Quiet Lee" he has actually spoke a few lines
  • The shotgun Toby loaded was a double barrel shotgun
  • Toby was the name of my cat (before he died RIP)
  • "Quiet Lee" is a pun on the word quietly
  • Toby was my favorite character to develop
  • Toby is the first character to have their status changed.