Tom Ayton
Tom as a Roadbeast
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Zotic
Age 20
Status Roadbeasts
Physical attributes
Height 4' 11"
Weight 109 lb

Zotic, Tom Ayton's car

The reckless Tom Ayton can often been seen as the Master of Disaster.  From his beginnings in racing go-karts back in Georgia, he always enjoyed a crash. While he did get a kick out of crashing like Cadence, his main goal is not to crash, but to be the greatest driver in history. Even though he was not meant to drive Zotic, he took the car and headed off to the jungle. In his recklessness he sped off through the Steel Fan and caused it to break, then went on with the race; completing his goal of completing a race, after a crash that hindered the other drivers. This, however, wasn't all his fault... After the second leg, he confessed that he was afflicted with a split personality. It is unknown how he triggers his insane personality, not even Tom himself knows. This insane personality was in effect when Tom stole Zotic, and during the entirety of the second leg.


  • Tom placed 16th in the Jungle Leg, and 31st in the Desert Leg.
  • Tom's greatest fear is himself, more specifically, his alternate personality.