"Damn, this is a logger's nightmare."

-Grim Axehandle, "Ring of Fire"


The Volcanic Leg was the first track the drivers went through.

A view of the volcanic leg

It was filled with several hazards, such as lots of lava, a giant loop, and a lava flow created by the CLYP agent Zed-36. The victory for this track was claimed by Dune Ratz leader CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd.
Volcano spiral

The spiral inside of the volcano


Mur and Accel were the first to enter this track, followed directly by CJ and Alex. Mur deployed an Eye in the Sky out of fear of who was behind him, which blocked CJ's windshield. Mur realized he had blocked the team he was rivaling, causing him to chuckle. Thomas then entered the realm, joking at CJ as he passed him. Immediatly after, Kusuma came through the portal. Afterwards, The Eye in the Sky had ran out of energy. Grim and Hephaestus then arrived in the Volcanic Leg, with Carl and Cadence entering moments afterwards. Now that the Eye in the Sky had left, CJ sped and passed Hephaestus, following with spinning out Grim. Hephaestus passes the logger and tries to overtake CJ. Meanwhile, Adam catches up to Alex and realizes he doesn't have enough acceleration to make the jump ahead. Elsewhere, Cadence and Carl overtake Grim, and Cadence spins "The Victim" out.

Back at the jump, Alex figures out the loop is similar to a half-pipe, and devises a method to get across it in order to gain speed for the jump. CJ mishears and goes straight for the loop, falling off and parachuting to the ground in his car. Tri attempts the loop, and makes the same mistake.  Backdraft makes the loop and jump, but flips over when landing. Immediatly after, Cadence tries the loop. Carl is back and rear-ends the Deora II as "payback". Mur and Accel land the jump, and CJ watches what happens to copy it and jump across. Adam tells Mur to help out Alexander as Sling Shot speeds off. "The Speed Demon" follows behind, focusing on passing - and possibly wrecking - Adam.

Mur is hanging Backdraft off the edge of the track, and tells him to jettison back up. He does as told, and is back upside in no time. Elsewhere, a jet black car speeds by a track spiraling inside a volcano. The driver leaves a Nitrox2 tank set to explode on the rocks bordering the track.
Zed36 nitrox

The mysterious car next to the Nitrox2 tank the driver left.

With the drivers entering the spiral, it is a fairly close race. Carl spins Cadence out and moves into pass Tri, but is unsuccessful. The Nitrox tank thrown by the mysterious black car explodes after CJ and Grim pass by it.

Hephaestus and Tri cross the lava with ease, but a failure in Backdraft's jump-jets causes Backdraft to plow straight into the flow of lava. With Backdraft heading towards a drop off, Alex cries out for help.

Tri, and Adam turn back to go and help Alex. Meanwhile, Cadence shunts Mur for getting a free ride across the lava flow and Mur uses his eye in the sky to obscure Cadence's vision. Mur uses this opportunity to Nitrox in front of Cadence, and sees CJ and Grim not far ahead.

Back at the flow of lava, Adam and Tri are able to pull Alex out of the lava and back onto the track. The three then make a side-bet. Whoever comes last has to clean the lavatory back at Tezla's cube. Up ahead, CJ spins out Grim, and Kusuma attempts to spin out CJ but, fails and CJ reaches the portal first.


1. CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd

2. Kusuma Adrijan

3. Grim Axehandle

4. Murchadch "Mur" Dokke

5. Cadence

6. Carl "The Victim" Dane

7. Hephaetus

8. Alexander "Alex" Hysannes

9. Adam "Accel" Carter

10. Thomas "Tri" Schmitt